When you purchase a new HP Printer, try to connect your unpacked printer using the user manual given with the package. This manual provided at 123.hp.Com/Setup may not completely be useful. Therefore our Professional Agents are at your service, by way of giving easy and simplest instructions that can guide you towards the Printer Setup. It also covers the troubleshooting services as well. Along with these, we also provide Driver installation enhancing the printer functionality. The navigations are set at a beginner’s level that it is well adaptable for a layman with all instructions available in one page.

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Our Experts team works tirelessly in resolving your HP Printer issues just by way of getting in touch with us. The agents works hard in solving all the issues related to your HP Printer at 123.hp.Com/Setup. Starting from simple instructions to advanced issues, you can always depend on us to resolve them at once. Click on the link 123 hp com setup, to get in touch with us and then the rest is in our hands.

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We have structured the procedures and steps as simple as possible in setting up your HP Printers as in DeskJet, Envy, OfficeJet, OfficeJet Pro, Laser and much more in our website www 123 hp com setup. Out of any misfortune, your Printer is not listed out, you can reach out to our Agents who are available 24/7 at our website hp.com/123 for any manual assistance.

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Unpack your printer

Let us help you Unpack your Printer

123.hp.Com/Setup helps in end-to-end Printer Installation, involving a number of procedures which are listed below. Starting with your brand new HP Printer Unwrap, set up your preferences, install the ink cartridges and the printer software, to setting up a network based on your specific Printer’s functionality, we have a cultured procedure and way of handling it individually. With that as a reference, you can follow these instructions and get your Printer installed on your own.

  • Unwrap your Printer from the box
  • Clear off the tapes and the packing materials on to it
  • Gently lift the scanner lip upward
  • Peel off the tape and shut off the cover
  • Now hold the handle on both sides of your HP Printer
  • Then elevate the ink cartridge access provision
  • After that, lock the ink cartridge
  • Open the paper tray access provision and remove the tape on it
  • Slightly move the paper tray forward until its end
  • Now close the tray door provision

Provide Power Connection to www HP Com 123 Printer

  • Connect your HP Printer to wall outlet with the help of Power Cord given with the package
  • You will see there are two ends in the Cord
  • Locate the Printer’s rear port
  • Connect one end to it and the plug-end to electrical outlet
  • Now switch on your HP Printer from the control panel
  • Swipe down to the bottom of the screen using the directional arrow keys
  • Choose your preferred language and click OK
  • Again confirm it with Yes
  • Likewise Set Country / Region and click OK
  • Repeat with directional arrow keys confirm your selection with Yes
HP Printer Setup

To kick start in using your HP Printer Setup for the first time, reach out to us for easy-to-follow steps. You will not face any difficulty to follow these instructions given on our website with which you will be able to perform your Printer operations easily. Refer our website www hp Com 123 to move on with the steps.

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Pick your Model from the listed category

No matter which model of HP Printer you own, our knowledge is vast and exhaustive to almost all printer models. Visit our website at 123.hp.Com/Setup and get to know on your own. Our agents are available 24/7 with all the possible knowledge on all www 123 hp Com Printer Models to assist you. Any issue that arise on your printer can be resolved by our expert team.

123 HP DeskJet Printer

HP has n number of printers and DeskJet is one such model. This model makes use of InkJet for printing.

123 HP Envy Printer

It is one of the fashionable printers well equipped with a bunch of functions like print, copy, scan and much more.

123 HP OfficeJet Printer

These printers are easy to handle and can be used for Home and Business. It is easy to print wirelessly from this printer

123 HP OfficeJet Pro

These are manufactured in such a way that it looks extremely unique.

123 HP LaserJet Printer

It gives you the traditional look due to its classic design. This is a compact device, easy to use by home and micro-business users.

123 HP LaserJet Pro

These are famous to offer documents with professional quality. Mostly used by large-scale offices

Insert Paper into Printer’s Input Tray

  • Pull out the printer tray
  • Extend it towards you
  • Lift the paper catch upward after extending the tray
  • Adjust the paper-width guides from center to its end
  • Insert a stack of blank paper in the input tray, keeping the short-edge facing inside
  • Adjust the paper-width guides against the paper edges
  • Make sure it will not create any bend or curl on the paper
  • Push the tray until you hear a click sound such that the paper doesn’t move

Align the ink cartridge of your HP Printer

  • Take the alignment page and position it on the scanner with the printing side facing downwards
  • Check whether the paper has properly aligned along the engraved guide of scanner
  • If not, align it appropriately and shut off the lid
  • Click OK and the printer aligns the cartridge

Install the Software on your HP Printer

  • Find out and access the driver download link from hp.com setup Printer Model on the search box available
  • Automatic download initiates on your web browser in the Downloads folder under the name “Driver Setup File” in your Windows or Mac Computer
  • On your device Operating System downloads in the compatible driver
  • Follow the on-screen instructions after opening the Setup File
  • Now you can complete the Printer Software Installation

Connect your Computer and Printer using Wired Setup

  • Keep a router with a working Ethernet Likewise,Windows computer connected to the router and Ethernet Cable before you launch the wired network process
  • Power on your HP Printer.
  • In case you have connected it already soon disconnect it
  • Now proceed with connecting the cable’s ends – one to the printer and the other to supporting port of your working router
  • You can download HP Easy Start App to install the driver
  • Now initiate the setup instructions as mentioned in www hp Com 123 setup by opening the setup file
  • Select Wired Network once the installer prompts you to choose the connection type
  • Confirm if the installation is successful and then try to print, scan, copy or fax

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